Roxie The Therapy Cat

I love Roxie’s story! It was such a wonderful reminder to let go of the pressure of expectation and outcome – and to focus instead on the matter at hand.

Roxie is a self-appointed “therapy cat” who joined Colleen’s team of her own volition. She had left her previous home to move into their wellness practice. She takes her role very seriously and provides loads of love and support to clients and team members alike.

When Colleen contacted me, Roxie had been “absent” from work for three months. They had eventually discovered, through camera footage, that she was slipping into the practice kitchen late at night to grab some food, and would then disappear into the darkness. They had no other sight or contact with her.

Colleen was coerced into contacting me. Feeling rather skeptical after a previous communication, she purposefully left out the part about Roxie being “missing” for months, and simply wanted to know from me what was upsetting her.
Cool! Standard communication. No pressure. And rather than trying to get all sorts of information and location descriptions from Roxie, I could focus exclusively on how she was feeling, on helping her feel better and on giving voice to her concerns.

So, when Colleen admitted in our feedback session that she was testing me, I was rather taken aback at first. But running through the details of the communication, now having context, everything still added up.

And – who should be waiting to greet Colleen the very next morning, after her three month disappearing act? A very happy kitty, of course. Ready to love and support her clients and her team.

As mentioned, Roxie takes her role very seriously. She just needed a little help – and to get her message across.

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