Holiday Stress? – Be mindful of your energy this festive season.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and…

Things were actually pretty chaotic. Kids’ energies were high in anticipation of the jolly guy in red. They had also tucked into the “those-are-for-tomorrow!” Quality Streets and decided to redecorate the house and each other.

Mom was stressed about getting everything perfect for Christmas lunch. Dad had found his invisibility cloak (and a beer) and was keeping clear of the annual mayhem. Which was stressing close-to-tears mom out, even more, because there was still so much to do!

Ah, Christmas! Such a wonderful time. 😉

Okay, so the above isn’t true for everyone, but if any of it resonates, please remember that these last few days leading up to Christmas can be rather stressful. And, since our animals are very sensitive to our energy, it can be rather stressful for them too, because… (my clients will know this one)… ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS!

What’s more, animals don’t always understand where the anxiety is coming from – and because they aren’t always able to think it through, they don’t necessarily have the capacity to process and let go like we can (or should). So, it builds up.

But there’s more…

Planning a trip away? You have your whirlwind Christmas (or Christmas prep) and then shoot off for a holiday, which in itself can be stressful for your companions left at home. In what state do you leave them? Calm, content and better able to cope with your absence – or totally strung out?

If they are with someone they know and trust, they may well be grateful you’re out of the house so they can have a break from your crazy energy. (They will still miss you, though.) But if they tend to experience separation anxiety, you really don’t want to add to the load upfront.   

So! For your own wellbeing and that of your beloved companions, please be mindful of your energy this festive season. Remember to breathe, take it easy and actually enjoy your time off if you are fortunate enough to do so.

Slow down and relax, rather than ramping up the revs. And remember to give yourself and your loved ones the greatest gift of all – your presence.

From all of us at Essendale, may you have a beautiful, blessed Festive Season, no matter your beliefs. And may you enter the new year energised, postive and inspired to fuel your dreams to fruition.

May peace be with you and may you always feel blessed.

Much love


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