Animal communication, in this context, is the two-way energetic exchange of information between human and animal. It relies on our natural ability to send and receive various forms of information, intuitively and telepathically. As a professional service, it also relies on the communicator’s learned skill to send and interpret information in a manner that is clear, helpful and in the best interests of the animal and their family.

Animal communication can be used for many different reasons and situations. From helping an animal settle and adjust to its new family or home, to addressing behavioural, emotional and/or physical concerns – be they recent or long-standing. Animal communication can be used in helping you find a lost or missing animal. It can also be used to determine how an animal is feeling – emotionally and physically. Whether your friend has pain or discomfort. And when the time comes, whether they are ready to cross.

Every communication is an opportunity to empower both animal and human, while deepening their relationship through new insights and understanding.


I live in the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa, where I share a home with my husband and son, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goats, horses and ponies. I work over distance as an animal communicator, in service to animals and people all over the world.

I enjoy all forms of animal communication, including working with lost/missing animals and their people, which lies very close to my heart.

I believe that every bond between human and animal is a blessing to be cherished, and I am honoured to be working in this space.

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