Afraid To Hear What Your Animals Have To Say?

I often hear from clients that they were a little apprehensive about talking to an animal communicator, because they were worried that they might be portrayed as less than perfect people by the animals in their care.

I remember feeling that myself! Holding my breath to hear what my mare had to say about me… “What am I doing wrong? I have to be doing something wrong, right? Horsey people can be so judgey. Imagine what mares are like!”

But animals don’t judge, is what I found. They are actually highly supportive and understanding beings, and we have absolutely no reason to feel that they would use such an opportunity to be anything less than wonderful toward those who are willing to listen.

Yes, they can get sad and upset about certain things or events. They may have preferences. But they bring these feelings across with such gentleness and love. There’s absolutely no reason not to listen. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

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