Life Of A “Sensitive”

Animals are highly attuned to energy and can read, feel, sense and even absorb the energies of others. This is why we sometimes refer to an animal “mirroring” their human – because often it’s the human’s energy that is taken on by the animal, which can in turn manifest emotionally, as behavioural changes and even physically.

Even the nicest, sweetest, most caring people have their “stuff” and intentionally or not, this energy is “contagious”.

So, don’t think because you’re doing all the hard work at the office, that your stay-at-home pal gets to lead a stress-free existence. That’s definitely not the case and it’s up to us as guardians to ensure that we not only give those in our care the outlets that they need to unwind and de-stress – but that we take very good care of our own energy too!

📸 – Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

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