Animal Communicator vs Psychic – What’s the difference?

The terms animal communicator and “pet psychic” are often used interchangeably, but while there are some similarities, there are also significant differences. Where psychics only gather various forms of information, animal communication is a two-way exchange between the communicator and the animal. This is essential when it comes to addressing behavioural concerns or getting very specific information, such as the animal’s thoughts and feelings on certain things or ideas.

Through the use of specific questions, an animal communicator can help determine an animal’s emotional state, address their concerns, and make suggestions that they are comfortable with. This open dialogue also allows the animal to make suggestions of their own, allowing us to come to mutually acceptable solutions.

When an animal is lost or missing, a communicator can gather all the same information as a psychic, but can also comfort, support and guide the animal, while feeling their responses to certain suggestions. I personally incorporate a great deal of focused prayer into my communications too, based on what I am sensing in an animal’s energy and in their responses.  

As I often explain to those who are searching for their companions, physical descriptions can be helpful, but they are just one (sometimes insignificant) aspect of the communication. So be sure that you are working with a reputable, experienced animal communicator, as this can only improve your chances of a happy reunion.  

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